Uveitis refers to inflammation of the middle layer of the eyeball, called Uvea. These are a very diverse group of diseases, unless timely recognized and properly managed, eventually leading to total or near total blindness.

What is striking about these diseases are the associations of various other diseases with Uveitis, so appropriate targeted testing and prompt referral to concerned Rheumatologist/ skin specialists not only ensures complete cure but also decreases the chances of frequent relapses of such diseases, pretty common in these conditions.

The symptoms of uveitis vary from sudden onset of painful red eye, sometimes may or may not associated with severe headache; hazy/ foggy vision or gradual painless reduction of vision; or simply faint blurring of vision or sometimes, asymptomatic completely. So, patients are encouraged to report to an ophthalmologists or Uveitis specialist should they encounter these signs and symptoms. Uveitis, when chronic either due to delayed diagnosis and/ or improper management, often leads to cataract and glaucoma which further decreases the chance of gaining useful vision in future.

Concerned Doctor at Nayonika Eye Care:
Dr. Manmath Kumar Das
Dr. Das has done his retina fellowship from Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, has extensive experience of over eleven years in the diagnosis and treatment (laser, injections, surgery) of various uveitic and retinal disorders.